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b&w stuff 4 - UFO #2

Well, I don't really have much to say about this entry. I always love animations using UFOs and Aliens, and this one features both. However, it's just not very well made.

I can tell you spent a little bit of time on this, though I'm not quite sure how much time. Unfortunately the graphics are bland, and the animations are clunky and aren't natural. The black and white could of worked, but the characters and the backgrounds were too simplified and were just a bunch of rectangles and circles.

The sound is average, two different background songs and that's about it. There's some violence in this, but it's censored, and it's not very well animated, so I must say that overall, the violence factor is below average.

I didn't find any humor in this movie once so ever, though I should have. It had premise to be funny, but it just turned out to be really stupid. The fact that there were plenty of typos and a few grammatical mistakes really doesn't help either...especially in a finished animation that you are sending off to be reviewed in front of a large audience...who for the most part gave you a generous score.

However, I felt this entry was very unfinished and lack luster. It really wasn't that interesting overall, again, a disappointment because I love UFOs and Aliens and the whole paranormal scene.

DreOK3000 gives "b&w stuff 4 - UFO #2" a disappointed 4 out of 10.

xxSHIFTxx responds:

About the grammatical mistakes, if you could tell me what you are talking about, it would help me improve the movie (english isn't not my primary language) .

For the graphics (only square and circles ...), it's a basic way of drawing, sorry if you don't like it.

The violence part was absolutely not my priority and make it censored was humor (apparently you didn't get it, no problem).

Anyway, thanks for the review

Adam Fulton Tribute.

I'm really at a loss of words. I sympathize with you, and sympathize over the loss of someone due to suicide. It's a hard thing to deal with.

However, if you submit this to Newgrounds, you are fully aware that people will judge this accordingly and compared to other pieces. The message might be good, but if everything else is lacking and sub-par, then it should get graded lowly.

The graphics were not that great. I agree with one of the other reviewers, in that, it looked like it took you a short time, maybe 20 minutes to piece this whole movie together....all 10 seconds of it.

No sound, no interactivity, no humor, no violence....this animation isn't worth viewing.

I think it's a really horrible thing to try and get sympathy from the audience to get higher votes...like one of the other reviewers did. This movie should be blammed, because it's not a good animation...at all! Even if the moral or intentions are. This kind of stuff frustrates me...just like when people tried to put low quality 9/11 animations on Newgrounds, hoping to use the audience's sympathy to get 5's.

Again, I'm really sorry that this event took place, and it is indeed sad, but attempting to gain sympathy out of people with a poorly made animation is horrible thing to do on your part...basically using a situation to your advantage. That may not be your intentions but that's what it comes off as, that's why DreOK3000 gives "Adam Fulton Tribute." a 0 out of 10.

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wallpaperman responds:

i just wanted to do something for a deceased friend...

~Ch-Check it out~

I want to first say that I was pleasantly surprised by this animation. The way you spoke in the introduction, talking about "congraduating" yourself on getting out 5 flash pieces in one month, I was really going into this expecting the worst...maybe that's why I'm holding this at such high regards.

Anyways, the graphics were above par, but on the whole some of the character came out looking a little bit "clunky". I'm just talking abut how their outlines were a little rough and jagged. I really do have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your unique style, and I really appreciate the originality in your style. This is the most unique and creative animation I've seen in weeks.

The sound, was...decent. All it was, was a song in the background, and it wasn't particularly a song that appeals to me. I find the Beastie Boys' new stuff annoying, I much prefer their older work, but that's a moot point, because that's just a matter of tastes.

Now, I did have some problems with this movie. Some of the scene transitions took too long, and a lot of the stuff felt like it was repeated and it really got monotonous towards the end. That and this movie really didn't have any point to it, but then again, most music videos don't, so I can't really hold it against you.

All in all, this movie does exactly what it's supposed to, show some good animations with music in the background, and on that level this entry is perfect. However, when compared to other animations and games on Newgrounds, this isn't really anything revolutionary...unique, but not revolutionary.

You really have a keen sense of style and I feel that you could easily manipulate this to your advantage, and you should. I hope to see something with more of a story from you in the future, and I feel that you're fully compentent in being able to do that. DreOK3000 gives "~Ch-Check it out~" a unique 7 out of 10.

silverspike64 responds:

whoa that was a mouth full heh heh ya i know it was sorta bad but i threw it together in a day cuz i was bored shitless and this is my favorite song so ya but thanx for the awsome review

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All-In-One Tutorial

Another well made tutorial iamsuckah. On the whole, I feel this one was better overall than the other two, and at this rate, if you submit #4, that one will be even better.

The graphics again are decent, and do the job they are there to do. Yet I'm a little disappointed that you haven't used different background animations.

The sound is much improved, as now there are three choices of songs, though I still prefer to have all the sound off, as neither of the three were really that appealing to me, but at least you tried to reach out to a wider audience with your music.

This tutorial seemed like it had more filling than the second one, which seemed like it had a lot of fluff in it (i.e. How to Write A Review). This one was much more substantial.

Unfortunately there were a few typos, and some mispelled words, which, though it's common, should not be present in a professional submission, especially from one that's giving advice to others. That and this one just didn't really feel like it was anything new. It just felt like you reworked the second tutorial.

I still think that you should stop with the tutorials and start making an animation, seeing as you obviously know how it's done. Anyways, this tutorial felt just like it's predecessors, hince why it's receiving the same score from me. DreOK3000 gives "All-In-One Tutorial 3" an 8 out of 10.

DJRunaway responds:

Thanks for the tutorial :) I'm glas you think this one is improved, and I will try to make it even better in the future. As for the backgrounds, I'm working with a professional dude now (www.inochi.nl) and we'r designing together :D :) Thanks for the review mate!

NB! Game Anthology

This is a decent little collection of old-school-esque games, unfortunately it's just a gimmick of sorts, and it's not really bringing anything new to the table.

What it does do, however, is carefully craft a smart, handful of games. Graphically, the games are a mixed bag. NSBalance and Bag Race are easily the best looking games in this collection. They do what they're supposed to and animate very nicely. On the other hand, they really don't offer anythign mind blowing, or jaw dropping. Maybe some more background/foreground effects, or what not. Then we have Pixel Chopper and Stuntman, both of which sport pixel-like graphics, do a nice job of replicating an Intellivision/Atari kind of feel, which is what you were obviously going for. Though again, nothing revolutionary.

Sound also was a bit of a grab bag. Both NSBalance and Pixel Chopper each have different background music. I really dug the Pixel Chopper music, and thought it fit in with the older graphics you were going for. It also reminded me a bit of Megaman for some reason. Unfortunately that was the only sound in this submission. The other two games were lacking in any noise at all. All in all, the sound was average, yet fitting.

There wasn't really any humor or violence, but that's alright because what was supplied was some great interactivity. There were four different games each with there own controls, and a different feel to each of them, which shows a higher-knowledge of action-script on your part, which is excellent. The menus were also terrific with the rollover pictures inside the tv screen which was a nice touch. I even found your "I rock your socks," message amusing...you know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately that's why I'm going to have take points away in the interactivity department. I only found that message because I wasn't quite sure what to do in "Bag Race" and my man went all the way to the left of the screen, and it didn't stop. I had to exit out of the window and relaunch the game. Another problem with this collection was that the Stuntman game was way too buggy, and there's no reason to have included it on here. Maybe as a hidden bonus, or an easter egg, but to include it as a game was probably not the best choice.

Overall, I do feel this is a nice little collection of short, gimmick games, and it efficiently shows a vast knowledge of action script on your part. Now I think you would have an even bigger success if you took all these ideas and more, and included them all into one, larger game. For now though, this is a refreshing break from all the pedestrian games that come through the Flash Portal now a days. DreOK300 gives "NB! Game Anthology" a well deserved 7 out of 10.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Norwegian_Blue gives "DreOK300's review" a well deserved 25 out of 10.

Thanks for the awsome review!

Defend Dork Planet

Well, for a first game, this is not too shabby at all. Especially, again, for your first game.

It's graphically great, you have a nice visual flair. However, you lost two points in my book, because the background in the actual game, was pretty barren. Some ideas for a future installment of the game, could be background objects floating around maybe have a nice little galaxy or black holes moving/floating in the background. The trash that fell from the sky also got repetitive and kind of trite.

Unfortunately, the graphics were pretty much the saving grace of this game. It handles pretty well...that is once you get used to the awkward mouse clicking controls. It shares the same problem as "Madness Combat" has, and that is your mouse can wildly fly outside of the window, and click on to another page. That is why your interactivy grade is average.

The style, however, suffers because this game isn't anything really refreshing. The game seems very reminiscent of another game and it feels a bit tired.

I also want to make a point about the menu. It was probably cooler than the game itself. If you could somehow incorporate that cool robot design into the game, and maybe some other different types of robots, it would be a lot more interesting and unique.

As it stands right now, this game is slightly above average, and it shows the you do actually have the skills to go on and do bigger things, which I think is a very plausable possibility, and I would be thoroughly please with a new version of this game that was retooled with better animations and more variety.

This shows great potential, but as it is, DreOK3000 gives "Defend Dork Planet" a 6 out of 10.

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